• The Day of Ostara

    What can the Pagan Goddess of Spring mean for those of us dealing with our own battles between light and dark?
  • Addressing Sexuality and Gender at Valentine's Day - An Interview with Dee Loureiro (Part 2)

    "Valentine’s day is notoriously known for its candle-lit romance. And there is no problem with a little bit of sweet romance and wanting to do these things. However, Romanticism can set us up against unrealistic expectations of what love is and how it should be expressed - sexual desire being the supreme expression of love under the guise of the romantics. And I guess that is the pressure we feel. To hit the mark, hoping our subconscious romantic performativity will express deep desires for connection we crave." 
  • Addressing Sexuality and Gender at Valentine's Day (Part 1)

    It doesn't particularly matter how you identify, or where on the gender or sexual orientation spectrum you may fall, everyone has their own opinions on Valentine's Day. What's yours?
  • Welcome to Thoughtful!

    We started selling our vegan hampers in October 2020 and had an exciting Halloween and Christmas creating special boxes to showcase some amazing local and UK based products suitable for us vegans! Now that we've got a little time, we thought it would be nice to try and put some faces to the brand and tell you a little about ourselves and how we came to create Thoughtful.