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Where to begin? I suppose it's a bit late for Happy New Year's come late January, but who’s to say? Maybe if we wish it enough, it'll come true this time.

Hi! Happy New Year, and welcome to, what will hopefully be a safe and welcoming space for people we meet and get to know through our Thoughtful journey. 

We started selling our vegan hampers in October 2020 and had an exciting Halloween and Christmas creating special boxes to showcase some amazing local and UK based products suitable for us vegans! Now that we've got a little time, we thought it would be nice to try and put some faces to the brand and tell you a little about ourselves and how we came to create Thoughtful.

The Back Story

Rebecca and I met in 2019 working together in a shop and came to realise quite quickly we were both a little bit odd and liked those little odd things about each other. Desperate to cling on to this fantastic new friend of course we set up a night at the pub (Kitty O'Shea's, we love you, we hope you're okay) and have both admitted since that we were strangely nervous! Luckily, about 10 minutes in it became clear we can both talk for Scotland and are happy being weird together. 

Food being one of our biggest loves we soon began to acknowledge the comfort and enjoyment we got from cooking for each other, sharing new restaurants, visiting markets and indulging in vegan cheese and wine nights with friends.

This led Rebecca to point out to me how few vegan options there were in comparison to non-vegan options for really special gifts, or hampers. Or how hard it must be if you're a non-vegan looking for a vegan gift without all the connections to local bakeries and health food shops!

Plus, the endless discussions and outrages at seriously unnecessary packaging became too much to handle (I will never understand why cauliflowers come in a plastic sleeve, they literally have their own wee jacket).

These became our key aspects when trying to figure out how and why we should start filling boxes with delicious and beautiful vegan delights. After some very giddy discussions, Thoughtful began to take shape.

First, we wanted to create a feeling of luxury, because if you're doing your part by being kind to the planet and animals, then you deserve the best in return! In turn, we wanted to be as aware and eco-friendly as possible in our packaging, products and distribution and we're constantly working on being and doing better! Finally, we wanted to make sure we were as conscious and considerate as possible, sourcing from small and independent businesses and showing support for causes we believe in.

So far we've managed to plant 48 trees in the Forest of Thoughtful with the Trees for Tigers initiative and have donated left over gifts to the Multi-Cultural Family Base in Edinburgh. We want Thoughtful to be more than just buying and selling (albeit amazing) products, but using it as a way to give a little extra where we can.

We love finding exciting and unique brands and really just want to share them, and we have been blown away by the delightful community when getting to know local business owners.

Now you know how we got here! So, next time your pal suggests a crazy business venture while you're sitting having a picnic, honestly see where it takes you.

The Team

Rebecca (She/Her) - Co-Founder, Main-Brain, Space Cadet.

Originally from the west coast of Scotland, Rebecca moved to back to Edinburgh in 2016 after living and working for a year in Budapest. She loves crafts, honestly, she just loves making and painting and turning everything beautiful. She also studied Land and Environmental management at SRUC and has a keen interest in wildlife and looking after our planet and has been enjoying the vegan way since 2019 If you're ever lucky enough to get to go (back) to the pub with this one, Rebecca will have a Guinness.




Katie (She/Her) - Co-founder, Problem Predictor/Solver, now Blogger. 

Katie studied English Lit and Film at Napier University and has so far found a career in - Retail. 2020 was meant to be the year but ach well. Growing up in the Scottish countryside Katie's parents had a small holding which provided a close connection to food origins from a young age. The family being well known in the village for having their own pigs, chickens, ducks, and turkeys it has been said coming out as a vegetarian age 12 was more of a shock than her actual coming out as a lesbian later in life. She later transitioned to vegan in 2018 after a soul-destroying Eco-Literature course at university. Katie is normally happiest cooking you dinner (she is a world class cook and baker) and looking after anyone she comes into contact with. She also enjoys putting out Thoughtful related fires/solving problems or fighting the patriarchy. 



Calum (He/Him) - Photographer, lucky lucky man.

Thoughtful has been blessed with the keen eye of our photographer Calum (@calummcvic) who has donated a lot of time and energy taking pictures of our products and hampers. Originally from Edinburgh, we're sure one day he will relocate to a snowy mountain where he often loves to be.



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  • So glad my favourite small business has started blogging! Best vegan gifts and most thoughtful owners! 💕

    Rachel Cronin

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